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About Dotty Prince

Hello!  I’m glad you stopped by my web site to check out my work.

My name is Dotty Prince and I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. I love Colorado with all of its natural beauty – I’m never at a loss of inspiration when I look at the mountains!


I moved to Colorado in 2003 from western Wisconsin where I grew up on a farm with 11 other siblings. It was there that I started my love of art and of nature. I am fortunate that I had a family supportive of my inclination toward the arts and encouraged me to paint often.

During high school, I took classes offered through the school I attended and continued my art education with other courses offered through universities and technical colleges where I obtained my degree in Landscape Horticulturist with a Design emphasis.  Since then, I have worked to hone my artistic methods and techniques through additional classes and workshops.

As is the case with many artists, I find that I am intrigued by many art forms and am willing to try just about anything creative. I’m grateful that my “other” life allows me to be in nature and allows me to create on a daily basis by owning and operating my own garden design and maintenance company (Dot’s Gardens and Designs). In my winter months, I’m able to focus more on my artistry in my art room and wood shop, but I’m never far from thinking about what I want my next painting or art form to be.

In 2013, I decided to put myself out there and did my first art show in a local art festival in Castle Rock, CO. It was a great experience and encouraged me to pursue my arts even more. I’m really excited to see where this takes me!

Drop me a note on the Contact Me page. I would love to hear from you!

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